Making your own wedding veil

Wedding veils are often a surprisingly expensive item for a relatively simple piece of fabric. If you are looking to save some money on your wedding and add a fun personal note to your wedding, it's easy to create your own veil. Here are the steps to planning your own hand-crafted wedding veil. 

Choose your style

The length and shape of your veil are a matter of personal taste. Try leafing through bridal magazines, wedding photos from your family's history and picture of your favourite celebrity. You can also try on wedding veils at a wedding store when you try on wedding dresses (or at the thrift store if that's more your speed). That can let you suss out how the different shapes and lengths of veils might look with your intended wedding dress length and style. It's also a good idea to either match or complement veil colours, as a veil that is only a few shades of your intended dress can be a clashing look. 

Buy your fabric

Once you've decided on your desired length you can buy a length of fabric of the right length and width. You can then cut your veil to the desired shape with fabric scissors. 

Attach and hem the veil

Once you've cut the veil, it's time to contemplate how the veil will attach to your hair style. You can try sewing the veil into a hair comb or veil, or hot glueing against your desired hair accessory. It's a good idea to 'over secure' your veil to prevent it from accidentally detaching mid-ceremony, so you can consider sewing and then reinforcing with hot glue. 

Once the veil is secured, it's time to hem to veil. You can try using a handsewn edging stitch to secure the veil to create an heirloom, but a hot glued edge can also create a great effect for the day in less time and with less effort. 


Once the basic shape is in place, it's time to finish the veil. It's time to hit the craft store and choose edging ribbons, beading or crystals that suit your taste and dress. As the veil is relatively simple you can go as elaborate or plain as suits the overall vibe of your wedding. Try asking the craft store staff for advice as they often have great tips on wedding crafts and can recommend products that might suit your style of veil .