Essential Considerations in Custom Picture Framing

If you have a treasured art or photo waiting to be framed, you should consider custom framing. Unfortunately, most people settle for standard framing, thinking that custom framing is expensive. However, nothing could be further from the truth because it's actually very affordable.

Today, you do not have to go to a physical store to get a custom picture frame. Thanks to technology, you can order custom frames online and still get quality artistry. Notably, specific factors influence the choice of a custom picture frame, as highlighted in this write-up.

Preservation Needs

Different pieces of artwork have varying preservation needs. For instance, limited edition prints require quality preservation to prevent damage to the paper and subsequent loss in value. Therefore, the custom frame for such delicate artwork should include a preservation-grade mat board. An excellent example of preservation-grade is alpha-cellulose made from 100% cotton rag or purified wood pulp. However, you cannot use a mat board containing dyes, chemicals, additives, or adhesives for delicate artwork since the elements can damage the paper. On the other hand, standard matboards are ideal for print reproductions since the paper does not need preservation.


A framed artwork must be visible to the front of a frame, whether glass or acrylic. Notably, custom framers use different grades of glass for their products. For instance, some framers use specialty glazing that offers unparalleled clarity when installed in custom frames. Such glazing appears invisible, giving you a clear view of the artwork regardless of light conditions. It makes such glazing perfect for valuable pieces of artwork. However, you can use acrylic glass for a custom picture frame if clarity is not a priority. That said, whichever glazing material you choose should block UV light rays to slow down fading. It is especially the case if you plan to hang a frame in direct light.


A piece of art and the frame must complement each other to achieve balance in your home's interior décor. For instance, a simple rather than an elaborative frame is ideal if you want to frame a stunning picture. It allows an art piece to get hold of a viewer's interest without overwhelming them. Conversely, a simple image or print goes well with a bold frame. It helps direct a viewer to a piece of art, making it a part of a bigger scene. Besides, achieving balance using custom picture frames makes the artwork seem more precious.

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