Three Principal Precautions When Purchasing Wooden Toys for Sale

If you are interested in acquiring new unique toys to sell in your shop, you should think about choosing wooden products. In general, wooden toys have a classic appearance which makes them appealing to children. They are also perfect for use as décor in the home. Moreover, unlike plastic toys, wooden ones are long-lasting and resistant to damage. However, you should note that there are diverse options available from wholesale providers, and you must choose the right products to increase your profits. Here are core guidelines for purchasing the best wooden toys for your shop.

Consider the Designs

You should evaluate the types of toys and select the best designs. It is important to note that if the designs are unappealing to potential customers, the returns will be minimal. If you are uncertain about the popular options, you should make inquiries from your supplier. They will have information about the most desired wooden toys. Alternatively, you can look into online discussion forums or even reach out to your target market in your local community for information. Some of the good toys to consider include puzzles, rockers, cleaning sets, vehicles and play kitchen tools.

Evaluate the Wood

The type of wood used in fabricating the toy can influence how desirable it is to customers. Therefore, you must consider this aspect before acquiring wholesale toys. In general, the different materials can be categorised as solid and composite wood. Under ideal circumstances, solid wood is more favourable for toys. This type of material is more durable, and it is safer for children. However, the cost of such products can be high. Composite wooden toys are made using engineered wood. These are cheaper and more profitable, but they are not as resilient and durable. Moreover, some customers might not like the products because of the gluing compound, which might be harmful.

Check the Treatments

Wooden toys are often treated to elevate their appearance and prevent accelerated deterioration. The right treatment will ensure that the toys remain in good condition even when they are handled constantly. However, you should note that the treatment can influence the safety and appeal of the toys to customers. If potential buyers think that the product could cause harm to their children, they will not purchase it. Therefore, it is advisable to always acquire toys with ideal treatments. For instance, sealed toys should be coated with plant-based oils instead of standard commercial lacquers. Also, if you would like to buypainted toys, opt for food-grade dyes or water-based coats.

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