Top Tips On Cleaning and Freshening Battery Operated Plush Toys

If you are intending to surprise your kids this Christmas with gifts from your local plush toys wholesalers, you will probably need to know how to clean them at some point.  Talking teddy bears and stuffed cats that meow are great fun to play with and cuddle, but this usually means that they will end up grubby and less than hygienic.  So, how do you keep your kids' plush toys pristine without damaging those all-important electric components? [Read More]

Making your own wedding veil

Wedding veils are often a surprisingly expensive item for a relatively simple piece of fabric. If you are looking to save some money on your wedding and add a fun personal note to your wedding, it's easy to create your own veil. Here are the steps to planning your own hand-crafted wedding veil.  Choose your style The length and shape of your veil are a matter of personal taste. Try leafing through bridal magazines, wedding photos from your family's history and picture of your favourite celebrity. [Read More]